James Hill Announces Eastern Canada Album Launch Dates

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Fri, Oct 3, 2014

Ukulele Virtuoso James Hill Explores New Sound with The Old Silo
East Coast Album Launch Dates Announced!

James Hill ventures a little farther off the beaten folk path with his brand new Borealis release, The Old Silo. Produced by indie-rock hero Joel Plaskett and recorded at New Scotland Yard in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Hill’s latest album is a seamless blend of Folk, Roots Rock and Americana. In October, Hill will launch the new recording to audiences in Halifax, Truro and Toronto.

Hill has made a career as an award-winning ukulele player and songwriter, an uncompromising artist who “gives the ukulele its dignity back without ever taking himself too seriously” (Songlines).  The Old Silo sees him charting a course into deeper, rockier waters with Plaskett at the helm.  The album has an edginess and swagger unlike anything Hill has ever recorded: the thundering baritone ukulele riff in She’s Still Got It wouldn’t be out of place on a Black Keys album and the grinding slide ukulele in Tie One On would make Jack White proud.  Catchy, energetic cuts like New Moon, Promenade and Lovebirds would be at home at any outdoor summer music festival.

But it’s not all sex, drugs and ukulele.  There are moments of stillness and striking beauty: the haunting strings in For So Long, the intimacy of I’ll Never Know, and the country ballad If Wishes Were Horses show that Hill hasn’t entirely lost himself in overdriven amps and pounding drums.

In addition to Hill’s work on ukulele (tenor, baritone and slide), violin and drums, The Old Silo features a number of talented guests: Plaskett sings harmonies throughout and plays drums on five tracks, Anne Janelle brings soaring harmony and  cello, Bill Stevenson adds his inimitable piano style to three songs and Joe Murphy weighs in with his killer blues harp on the hard-driving Promenade.

The Old Silo is Hill’s fist album since his acclaimed Man With a Love Song in 2011 and he has been anything but idle in the interim.  World travels, strained friendships, persistent memories and a wedding have shaped the cast of characters that inhabit the world of The Old Silo.  It’s a cast that reads like the credits to an imaginary off-Broadway play: a mother, a father, an only son, an old man and two beautiful women.  The album unfolds like a well-wrapped gift, each song revealing something more about the characters and, in turn, about the author.

Welcome to The Old Silo. Who knows what you’ll find inside.

The Old Silo is now available on iTunes and at www.BorealisRecords.com!

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James Hill Eastern Tour Dates:
Oct 14: The Carleton, Halifax, NS
Oct 17: The Marigold Cultural Centre, Truro, NS
Oct 19: Hugh’s Room, Toronto, ON


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